Design in Action

Published by Addison Wesley, Jim Brosseau’s book — Software Teamwork — is a practical guide to improving human dynamics in software development. Jim’s insights are drawn from his experience, including working with us as we developed the brand identity for Clarrus Consulting. He writes the following:

Strong Design in Action

I worked with a graphic design firm and had a chance to see their design process in action.

It was fascinating to see the effort spent by this firm in exploring the diversity of solution alternatives before narrowing the search.

This was actually done explicitly several times in the process of arriving at an optimal solution, with a toolset consisting of pencil, paper, and imagination. The results of this design process produced literally hundreds of design options that were explored and rejected for one reason or another.

Those alternatives that were cast aside were retained until project closure so we could go back to review the approaches we had considered.

The approach finally converged on a design that fit the original specified goals and could be used as a basis for the final implementation. The results were far superior to what would have likely been obtained with a linear approach.